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Toyota Forklift 8FG25 2.5T Dual Forklift

Toyota Forklift 8FG25

  • Load capacity
  • 2500 KG
  • Power source
  • Dual
  • Lift height
  • 3000 MM
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The 8 Series is easy to get along with. It is specially designed to provide the operator and all those working nearby with a pleasant work environment. Low noise operation, low exhaust emissions and low vibration all mean that the 8 Series will hardly be noticed as it diligently enhances productivity at the workplace. And the 8 Series demonstrates that Toyota is continuing to make progress in eliminating harmful chemicals from the components of its forklifts, making them even more environmentally friendly.



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Toyota Forklift 8FG25 2.5T Dual Forklift

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