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Zoomlion ZS1212DC-Li 40ft Electric Scissor

Zoomlion ZS1212DC

  • Platform capacity – 350kg
  • Working height – 13.8m
  • Weight – 3,210kg
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Electric-driven scissor lifts deliver more than double efficiency of hydraulic-driven machines, with the existing platform heights ranging from 4m to 14m. Electric scissor lifts have longer runtimes and promote quieter working environments. Boasting low CG, stable operation and large capacity, this series deliver excellent performance for a more productive day.

This Zoomlion scissor lift ZS1212DC (Li) has a working height of 13.80 meters and a lifting capacity of 350 kg. These electrically powered scissor lifts are characterized by their robust appearance and technical perfection. They are available with a 4x12V battery (DC series) or a Lithium battery (DC-Li). Zoomlion is one of the first manufacturers to offer scissor lifts with a lithium battery. This is ideal if you use the aerial platform a lot, you can work 1.5 times longer with a Lithium battery. They also contribute to a quieter working environment.
With platform heights ranging from 4m to 14m, this machine is suitable for many activities. The aerial platforms have ample ground clearance, which is ideal in construction or on rough terrain both indoors and outdoors. With stable operation and large capacity, this series delivers excellent performance for a productive day.

• BMS(Battery Management System)
• Proportional controls
• All motion alarm
• Fold-down handrails
• Flashing amber beacon
• Self-closing entry gate
• Autobrake system
• Emergency descent system
• Emergency stop button
• On-board diagnostic
• Over tilt protective system
• Active pothole protection system
• Drivable at full height
• Hour meter
• Extension deck (unidirectional)
• Charging protection system
• Scissor maintenance prop
• Forklift pockets


Zoomlion ZS1212DCMetric
Working height maximum13.80mLift capacity350kg
Platform height maximum11.80mMaximum height drive
Slide out extension deck - length0.91mGradeability - stowed25%
Width Stowed1.15mTurning radius - inside0.1m
Height Stowed2.59mTurning radius - outside2.2m
Length Stowed2.30mWeight3,210kg

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Zoomlion ZS1212DC-Li 40ft Electric Scissor

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